Courage, perseverance, danger, victory...

In 2017, two extraordinary people will end an incredible journey and fulfill the promise of a lifetime: to ascend upon Europe's most famous mountain… the Eiger Northface.

Twelve months earlier, a determined group of people, all with an epic story to tell, gather at the foot of this majestic mountain to begin a training year that could result in the mile high climb to the summit.

We witness their progress as close and personal as possible, through a revolutionary technical set up wich will make the audience experience the actual climb as never before.

Step by step, minute bij minute, the audience will take part in an extraordinary mountaineering challenge involving all aspects of climbing, and meanwhile inform the public on the consequences of the glacier meltdown on our everyday life. WWF Alps region has developed The Ecoregion Action Plan This will allow the ecoregional conservation work in the Alps to be a dynamic, far- reaching process.

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