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The Foundation

In all projects of Mission Live an exceptional and nearly superhuman sports performance constitutes a metaphor of the task faced by humanity: To reduce our ecological footprint through a lifestyle characterised by sustainability and awareness.

How to achieve our goals:

Great names from the past have proven so often that determination, conviction and decisiveness can set wheels in motion and change the course of history for the better.

Mission Live will collaborate with the great names of today and together motivate their constituency to make a difference and promote global awareness when it comes to conservation and preservation of our ecological environment.

Accomplish a personal 'Mission Live' that embodies the task we have to take upon us; dramatically decrease our human footprint by a change of behavior.

Imagine the world-famous DJ executing the ultimate free dive, the astronaut 'fighting' the inaccessible summit, the politician struggling his way through the burning dessert... All with one purpose, to prove to the public that there ís a way to make the difference, if there is a will...

Each of the five spectacular projects of Mission Live will generate massive amounts of media attention that will enable the various partners to display their specific aims when it comes to bringing solutions with respect to conservation, recycling, research, climate control and preservation.

Mission Live strives to facilitate its partners and create a platform to inform, stimulate and motivate the public in a spectacular yet accessible way.

Mission Live Foundation - Just Imagine…